5 Tips for Connecting with Your Ideal Customer on Instagram

People share more about the latest trends on Instagram, making it one of the best ways to promote your brand and attract more customers.

Post catchy pictures

  • A picture is better than a thousand words; nothing else can describe or explain the essence of a message at a glance. Instagram was created to share your interests as soon as possible. That’s why it’s important to create attractive, high quality photos to promote your products – you only have a few seconds to capture someones attention. A high quality and high resolution photo of the product will effectively communicate its characteristics.

Update your business information

  • Add a good profile picture that reflects your brand. A logo or a professional photo of you. In the section that asks for “name”, add a short description. If someone receives a notification from you, they will have this brief description next to your username, after this brief description, add a more detailed description of your business that will appeal to your ideal audience. Who are you and how are you helping? There is a limit of 150 characters, so you have to keep it short and sweet! Add a link to your website. You can add a link to your homepage too.

Improve your reach on Instagram

  • It’s important to have more visibility for your brand through your Instagram account. This increases your reach and opens opportunities to attract Instagram users and eventually turn them into customers. In order to increase your audience on Instagram, you must master hashtags to make your posts more visible. The use of hashtags is not limited to Instagram alone; You can also use it on Facebook! Here are some tips on how to improve your Instagram reach via hashtags: Remember to use three to five hashtags in your message to avoid them appearing too spiteful. Use your company’s brand name for local targeting or the name of your product when marketing or promoting it. Make sure everything you promote is unique and that it’s relevant to your audience.

Create customer relationships

  • Commitment is not just about tastes and comments. Commitment should not be just a measure, but a way to reach your customers to strengthen their relationship with them. It’s not enough to just gather viewers. It’s important to include them in your brand. You have to invite your viewers to love you! Create customer relationships with the following tips: write attractive, action-driven captions, encourage them to interact with your brand, invite your subscribers to relevant competitions. Don’t forget to reply to comments and thank subscribers for using your product! Customers want to feel appreciated.


  • This is very important for making these connections with other business owners and potential customers. You can make many good relationships through Instagram, and meet a lot of people who turn out to be customers. Many people neglect this step because it takes a lot of time, but it is one of the most useful techniques to attract customers.