7 Traits to Look For in a Salesperson

For an organization to be successful, highly qualified sales people must be hired. A good salesperson is someone who can meet goals, deal with rejection and be persistent without being aggressive. Selling is not an easy task, as selecting the wrong salesperson can prevent your company from achieving its goals. While each seller is unique, there are certain essential features that the bestsellers possess.


  • A good salesperson should have the ability to identify with a customer, to know what he wants and to feel respected. In this way, they can gain trust and relationship with their customers by being understanding and judgmental. Mostly, people confuse empathy with sympathy, which is essentially a feeling of loyalty to another person. Empathy is more about objectively understanding customers. A salesperson with empathy can read their customers, show their interest, and show interest in finding an appropriate solution.


  • A good salesperson has a strong sense of responsibility and does not blame others for a difficult situation. They should be able to get things moving, and when obstacles arise, they should accept the omissions or mistakes that have occurred. You should have a sense of urgency to see sales progress and resolve situations. A good salesperson must anticipate the consequences of his actions and evaluate the alternatives before he implements them. They should accept criticism, not put themselves on the defensive and accept the suggestions that lead them to improve.


  • A person with a pronounced ability to concentrate is determined to achieve his goals and can focus on a topic without being distracted. Targeted people are motivated and self-challenging. These individuals can organize their schedules, giving priority to the most important and urgent needs that enable them to achieve their goals. When a salesperson balances his home with empathy, they produce desirable results. A good salesperson must be able to listen and identify with a customer while focusing on their goals. They should be able to transform these goals into favorable solutions for their clients.


  • A good seller should be able to balance the continuation of a sale without the client feeling under pressure and uncomfortable. You should not be too passive to make a transaction through the cracks. In the same way, too harsh behavior can push the customer in the wrong direction and give him the impression that he is being forced to commit something he does not want. Insured and confident about what you sell is the key to a great seller. You should be well informed about the products or services you would like to sell to your customers. Through a polite and positive expression, a salesperson can convey his authority and strengthen customer confidence.


  • This feature is crucial in the sales world because sellers are rejected at a relatively high frequency. Given the rejection, most people tend to give up and become frustrated because they are unable to change the situation. However, a good seller should not view a customer’s rejection as a personal dismissal but as an opportunity. The rejection should not stop them from achieving their goals. You should know that the next call they make should be their next big sale. A good salesperson should understand that cultivating an advance over a long period of time can always lead to a sale and, if necessary, should be willing to make an effort over a longer period of time. A good salesperson should give his potential customers several ways to connect. And though it may take a dozen times to reach them, land at this meeting, or even open a discussion, they will be grateful for their perseverance.


  • If you do not have a clear idea of yourself, how can you expect to understand the needs and expectations of your customers? Self-knowledge is a forerunner of empathy, and if you can not grasp the challenges and suffering of perspective, you will never be able to truly connect with them.

Calmness under pressure

  • Things sometimes go south in the sales game. A top seller will successfully show patience and emotional control under pressure; So they stay cool and even thrive. They know that they cannot take chess personally or be discouraged by losing a sale, and they understand that the most important call is always the following.