Hot Merchandising Trends

The answer is to create unique experiences in stores that cannot be replicated online. This means that wholesalers and their retailers need to work together to stay abreast of retail trends and create attractive and engaging displays that help retailers and supply chain partners around the world reach and exceed their sales goals.

Storage of food and drinks

  • The category of exceptional hydration, which includes bottles, perfusion and filtration products, grew 25% last year, and the sales trend is expected to continue this year. Driven by the trends in health and well-being, fashion and design continue to provide growth in this category.

Tech storage

  • Freelancing is becoming more and more common in our society, especially among young people and those who need or want more flexibility in their working hours. As more workers in the US position themselves as freelancers, many of these mobile workers work from multiple locations on a given day, resulting in increased demand for products that support this mobile lifestyle. The community and lifestyle of the growing freelancers are leading companies such as Allegro to create products that provide innovative solutions that facilitate the organization and accessibility of all their equipment and technical accessories. Allegro Porte Play electronic storage bags come in a variety of sizes and are designed to make it easy for users to store cables, chargers and other technical accessories easily and neatly.

Express yourself

  • To remain relevant to what consumers are looking for will be crucial to the success of 2018 greetings cards. This applies to both the content and the design. Especially positive messages should attract greeting card buyers this year. Greeting cards are an emotional purchase and communicate messages we often cannot tell ourselves. Special occasion cards remain the primary reason why consumers buy tickets, consumers are turning to greeting cards to celebrate the things, the people, and the everyday moments that really matter. Accompanied by this content, experts have found that design elements with personal touches and high-end craftsmanship features are appealing to consumers. Despite a hectic life, more people will tend to show their love for each other in these everyday moments and offer support to their friends and relatives. Cards with positive messages will continue to be a popular choice among consumers who want to take some stress out of their lives.

Pop-up or flash store

  • Flash stores are a retail merchandising trend that has grown to over $ 10 billion in sales in the last decade. They enable manufacturers and retailers to directly engage consumers at a fraction of the cost of a year-round store, enabling retailers to expand their brand to new locations or experiment with design ideas. Flash stores are really about being in the right place at the right time with the right products. They are particularly popular during the holidays, with over 61 percent of consumers citing seasonal products as the main reason to shop at a pop-up store. However, this trend is not limited to holidays.

Virtual reality

  • Virtual reality is a way that allows individual customers to immerse themselves in the experience of owning a product or engaging in a brand without leaving the store. Virtual Reality enables customers to buy products that cannot easily be tested in the shop, or experiment with or communicate with brands in ways they would not otherwise be able to use.

Mobile payment and checkout

  • With mobile payment portfolios such as Apple Pay, customers can quickly pay for their purchases through their phones or mobile devices. What does paying have to do with merchandising? It’s about making the buying process more transparent in order to keep up with online and mobile competition. Using this technology is an important way to attract and retain millennials and other technology-conscious consumers. These customers expect retailers to quickly adapt to new technologies and accept new forms of payment. You also want to be encouraged to use these methods – either by ordering in advance and skipping the queue at Starbucks or by using cashback offers from your credit card provider.

Interactive Retail Merchandising Displays

  • Interactive sales displays tell an important customer that they should touch, smell, taste, hear, and see products before they buy them. Most retail experiences, whether online or in a retail store, limit customer options and make it difficult to resolve objections and concerns. Interactive screens are not just for big brands who can afford to invest in high technology. Even small retailers and brands can capitalize on this trend by enabling customers to interact with the products, whether they take a sample out of their packaging, so that customers can inspect and manipulate them, or offer a sample to free trial retailers Cosmetics and food products have always done so with great success. The trend is also developing in other sectors.