Making the Most of Family Time When Work Keeps You Busy

Everyone has their own busy schedules, and it’s not easy to balance work and family at once. Listed below are ways to create time to balance family and work.

Put your family first

It can become very easy for your family to intervene with your work schedules. Make time weekly for your family, this way they know when you are free and available to make plans with them. How about a Sunday roast or a game and movie night? Think of something that works for your family.  Schedule specific dates and times for homework, television, games, hobbies, and more–children work better with routines.

Plan in advance

  • If you have managed to get  free time with family, make sure you use it well. Try to involve everyone in what you are going to do – obviously it depends on the age of your children – if everyone has a different taste of what they want to do, they may pick something not everyone wants to do. A good tip is to have a box where everyone can make suggestions about what they want to do – you can pick and plan one a week – so everyone has a say.


  • When you spend time with your family, it is so important to let them know that they are important. It’s not because of what you do or what you spend on them – it’s about giving them full attention.

Do not do it all alone

  • Creating family time should be a collaborative effort. If you are constantly running your tail with housework and errands, start involving the family – so you have more time for fun. Not only will this teach your children that a home does not work by itself, but also teaches them responsibility and teamwork – and what could be better? If you explain that you can do something with them later on, this is often enough motivation for small children.

Get organized

  • We often sign children up for classes after school and over the weekend thinking that we are doing our best by improving and developing their skills. Organizing what is done and when can really help save more time on a weekly schedule for most families. Can you find classes that match in terms of timing and location? Often, a gym can offer courses for different age groups in a variety of different ways under one roof. How about lessons that are closer to your home?