Pitfalls Most Entrepreneurs Fall into When Branding Themselves

Companies spend a lot of time and money building a brand. The harsh reality is that a simple brand error can sabotage even the most popular brand in the world. All brand errors are not equal. This can happen intentionally or accidentally.  For many of your potential customers, the mistake is often the only thing they know about your business, which could hinder growth before it can begin.

Branding without focusing on the experience

  • Without a doubt, a strong brand is always beneficial. This can lead to a positive perception among your customers and make the sale considerably easier. However, many mistakenly perceive the brand as a logo, advertising campaign or beauty of product packaging. In the end, your brand is the emotion the customer feels when they think about your product. While branding can help create a positive perception of your product, your customers’ experience with your product is even more important. To improve the customer experience, you can quickly respond to customer service issues. Whether you’re setting up a live chat on your website or responding to email within 24 hours, you’re building a system where the customer comes first.

Not hiring a professional designer

  • Nothing can hurt your brand more than an amateur logo. Whether you are comfortable with the logos of your brand’s graphic standards, it is always worth taking the time and money to hire a professional graphic designer specialized in branding and logo development. Ask your designer to create a branding style guide that defines the color palette, typography, visual style, images, and so on, so you can consistently track it across all of your marketing channels. Remember that creating a style guide is only half the battle. You must proactively monitor the use of the guide in your interest.

Inconsistency between different platforms

  • Once your designer has created a brand style guide, you should always follow the brand style guide for all your marketing campaigns through various channels, including your website, social media profiles, and print materials. If you are not consistent, your brand will eventually appear unprofessional and lose its identity, making your brand less trustworthy. Managing brand consistency across all marketing channels sets you apart from your competitors and helps you to accelerate your brand growth. A unified identity for your brand not only promotes confidence and comfort for potential customers, but also plays a critical role in your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Using a vague copy to describe your brand

  • Too many brands are victims of bad writing that the company does not define exactly. If you describe your brand with vague copy, that can be a major setback when it comes to positioning your brand in the market and differentiating yourself from the competition. To highlight your brand, you understand the one thing that makes your brand unique and that explains it clearly and precisely.