Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

Time, we never seem to have enough. We try to search for more time every day, but ironically, we all have the same time in one day, 24 hours. Instead of trying to search for more time, what if you made the decision to take your time. What if you could put something as simple as 20 minutes a day aside? 20 minutes a day does not seem like much and that’s the beauty of it.

Create consistency

  • Set aside 20 minutes each day. You shut out the rest of the world by closing the door, turning off your Wi-Fi and smart devices, and focusing on one thing. You can read, write, dance, train, meditate, pray, or whatever you want to do to focus on one thing and keep it consistent for 20 minutes a day. We create habits through coherence. If you only use 20 minutes a day, you can focus on one important thing a day and make it a habit.

Visualize your dream

  • Take 20 minutes each day to visualize what you want in life, and ask yourself if you did anything that day to help you reach your goal. If not, imagine the small steps you can take to accelerate this change. The trick of this routine is not to wish or dream. This habit can begin in your head, but over time it must turn into a concrete game plan. A Harvard study has shown that people who have goals are ten times more successful than those who have no goals, and those who write them achieve them three times more often than those who do not. It could be like putting money into the savings every week or making a list of things to do or taking the time to learn a new skill for a few minutes a day. These little stepping stones are essential to achieve great personal and financial success.

Work on yourself

  • One thing that separates the incredibly rich and wealthy from the rest of us is the way they use their downtime for self-improvement. That’s why everyone, from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates, swears they’re taking the time to learn new things and improve. So instead of watching Game of Thrones, look for productive things to do during your vacation and in the holes of your day. It would take you five minutes to read a short article, learn a new skill, or do a short stretch of twenty minutes. You could meditate on your way to work or listen to an audiobook. Getting better is essential to get closer to your success.

Write New Ideas Everyday

  • One way to integrate this concept into a quick daily routine is to write five new ideas each day. They do not all have to be revolutionary or even brilliant.