Turning Leads Into Sales

Most of your prospects are not automatically converted into sales by simply being sent through your funnel. It will often require additional help to create a conversion.

Provide an incentive

Everyone loves free things. Offering a free gift or providing a special time-sensitive discount is a great way to get potential customers to convert. The discount does not have to be extravagant and the free gift should not have a high monetary value. The average consumer simply will not let a free offer or a temporary discount pass by.

Ask for the sale

  • How do you sell revolutionary marketing advice? You don’t – it’s common sense, but something that many companies simply do not do. Ask your prospects if they are willing to buy and see how many answer “yes”. You became an executive because you were interested in what your company offers.

Let the potential ROI carrot dangle

  • If your product or service can increase your potential customer’s return on investment, you should remind them. You are asked, “When are you ready to increase your income?” If you are reminded that you are offering a solution that will help you make more money, you will often be forced to convert.

Develop a great FAQ page on your website

  • Many prospects cannot be converted because they have questions they need to answer before pressing the trigger. Answer your potential customers’ questions and make them visible on your website. Talk to your sales team and customer service representatives for a list of frequently asked questions.

Set a time limit

  • Set a deadline without notice to remove leads that are not answered through your marketing funnel. Example: “We have not heard from you for 30 days, although this will be our last message, do not hesitate to contact us in the future if you have any questions.” This often provokes a reaction – and if this is not the case, this prevents your sales team from wasting valuable time and energy for a dead lead.

Simple follow-up

  • A quick email or a phone call asking your potential customers if they have any further questions often puts them back into a buying mode. It’s an effective way to quickly convert leads into sales before investing a lot of time. My company immediately contacts all the leads generated through our website, and we connect them a few days later to give them answers to their questions. Simple tracking closes a large percentage of leads across virtually every industry.

Make sure your email marketing is noticed

  • There is a good chance that your prospects will also be marketed by competitors. Add things like funny facts about your business or your region – and make sure your emails are not read like overly aggressive and stubborn sales letters. Smart emails attract the attention of your prospects and drive your business forward.

Ask your prospects questions

  • If you ask your prospects a question, they will often answer. Something like, “It’s been over a week since we heard of you, did you have the opportunity to review the documents and make a decision? Is a good way to exert pressure while opening the dialogue to others to discover any issues or concerns that the leader may have.