Working with Millennials

Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation so far. They are the first generation in history to be immersed in a world of digital technology that has shaped their identity and created lasting political, social and cultural attributes. Like all generations, Millennials show generalized and unique features that set them apart from others.

Their jobs mean everything to millennia.

  • A generation ago, most young professionals were married with children when they started work. Now not anymore, their job means everything – because it is the center of their life and identity. They are concerned about how they will progress and succeed in their careers.

Millennials are not so motivated by the money.

  • Gone are the days when employees were just thinking about the amount of a paycheck. Now young professionals are giving preference to healthy living, adventures and changing the world. The good news for companies is that they do not have to spend money on permanent salary increases, but bosses have to spend much more time getting to know each employee and thinking about what motivates them.

Millennials are certainly not shy

  • The key is that millennials are sensitive to how and when they express themselves. An example of this might be that the Millennials meet are very open to sharing their pinions and thoughts with people in positions of authority, regardless of their rank or titles.

Millennials are obsessed with entrepreneurship

  • 70% of young professionals around the world aspire to become their own bosses. There are many explanations for why this number is so high. The desire to be able to express and be who you are in the workplace is a main priority for millennials.

Define expectations

  • Millennials may have unrealistic or strange expectations, but the first step in communicating with them is recognizing that these expectations come from the pressures they experience in their present lives. It is best to talk to them and try to understand their expectations, while setting limits to what is reasonable. For example, struggles such as paying out massive student loans or finding a home in increasingly unstable real estate markets in the workplace can be manifested by the desire to get promoted quickly. Respond to such concerns by stating that, even if they cannot be promoted within a month or become a director within a year, there are opportunities for career advancement.

Millennials are conscious

  • In terms of health, social, economic and environmental issues, the Millennium generation is the most conscious generation so far. Millennials are often referred to as conscious capitalists, meaning they are looking for companies that serve the interests of all major stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment. In fact, 81% of them expect companies to show their commitment to corporate responsibility.